Magic Mushroom spore print Costa Rica



Magic Mushroom spore print Costa Rica Online

The Costa Rica psilocybe cubensis is not the easiest strain, but when your treat the Costa Rica right the mycelium will fruit huge flushes of medium sized mushrooms. Second flushes are often with bigger Costa Rican mushrooms.

The Costa Rica cubensis can resemble the famous Psilocybe semilanceata and Psilocybe Mexicana mushrooms in form and potency.

Just give the CR lots of air and a 99% humidity and it will flourish. With the Costa Rica spores you have a real gem!

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The Costa Rica print online strain is for real cubensis lovers. Even though it is not the easiest psilocybe cubensis, Costa Rica resuming to surprise even the most experienced cultivators. Costa Rica makes huge flushes of medium sized mushrooms. Almost every flush looks various and their appearance is often far from cubensis like. Buy Costa Rica cubensis online hold such a potency that it doesn’t require to be bruised to show the pretty blue color that everyone is so after.


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